Legends of Raven's Point

Continuing Off a Previous Campaign

OK guys, so here’s the dilly. New campaign starts tomorrow. I’d really like it if everyone can make it since I’m just going to be doing a ton of explaining twice and it’s going to be super lame to start everyone off on the adventure only to have to be like “Oh yeah and this character just came running up!” joining the rest of the party. But, if you can’t, you can’t.

Anyway, we’ll assume that we completed Quark’s campaign, the party as a whole vanquished some evil, and then parted ways to return to everyone’s character’s respective homes. You do some additional odd jobs around town, slaying orcs, dealing with goblin problems, routing ghosts from crypts, things like that. In the process, you reach your first paragon path at level 11, but training into a specialization requires a trip to the city of Raven’s Point.

Raven’s Point is a highly fortified city on the sea that is constructed in concentric rings, with higher walls, more defenses, and greater nobility requirements to access the inner rings. You feel this level of security doesn’t make a whole lot of sense, but you’ve heard stories of the legendary paranoia of the reigning family of royalty, who live in the inner-most sanctum of Raven’s Point.

You make your way there via boat, horse, or whatever method your character would most prefer, and find camp at one of the many makeshift taverns set up in the shanty town that exists outside of the first wall of the city. After some investigating, you find a master of your particular class, and choose your paragon path. You spend your day training hard, absorbing as much knowledge as possible, and your nights wondering what happened to the team of adventurers you parted ways with so long ago.

One night, after your training was completed and you found yourself wondering what’s next, you were abruptly awoken with a knife to your throat and a hooded figure holding their index finger over their pursed lips.

So, we’ll also assume in the downtime you’ve made whatever adjustments you want to your equipment load out. If you want to make any tweaks to your character, that’s fine. Or, even re-roll something entirely. Just try to keep it consistent with the quality of gear your character had before, with magic items of similar level and quantity, etc. Just come with a level 11 dude ready to roll, either printed or on an iPad or something. (THIS IS IMPORTANT OUR PRINTER IS OUT OF INK.)

A note on how my campaigns work: I DM treating 4th edition a lot closer to how 3.5 worked. This means that your characters are not superheroes. This will be obvious as you explore Raven’s Point a bit more that while you might have been hot shit in your home towns, you’re the scrubs of Raven’s Point, even at level 11. My dungeons are dangerous, You will need light sources, and there will be traps as well as other hazards that may be easy to avoid if you’re paying attention. “OK I run in” will result in your character being badly injured at best, or dead at worst. This makes things a lot more strategic as you need to think how you’d actually work as a party in a dungeon, not just rolling a d20 and saying “I attack the main guy.”

ALSO we really need someone to take some kind of defensive role, I took up that role with my Sword Mage when Chris quit playing, and with me as DM that leaves us without a true defender type. I’d rather not anyone play two characters, as that’s pretty lame, and I’d rather not NPC my Swordmage… But crafting encounters is going to be tricky with such an unbalanced party otherwise.

So, yeah.



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